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We have three separate wards at The Barn Animal Hospital for dogs, cats and patients that require isolation. Each ward is designed to ensure that the environment is as comfortable, calm and stress-free as possible.

Dog Ward

Our dog ward has underfloor heating with 12 kennels which are a variety of sizes including 4 walk-in kennels for larger breeds. Each patient is provided with an orthopaedic mattress, and a fleecy blanket to ensure they are comfortable during their stay.

Background music is available to keep a calm atmosphere within the wards, and we also use Adaptil diffusers to help reduce stress.

All patients are walked in our enclosed garden area.

Cat Ward

Cattery 1

Our cat ward has eight spacious cat kennels. We ensure that this ward is as quiet as possible, using Feliway diffusers and cat music to create a calming atmosphere where necessary.

Given that cats can be prone to stress especially during hospitalization, we ensure that cats are all placed on one side and unable to see other patients.

We can also provide cat houses for hiding and will cover kennel fronts if a patient needs more privacy. A variety of different litter types, food bowls, toys and diets are available to try and make your cat’s stay as pleasant as possible.

Isolation Ward

The Barn Animal Hospital has an isolation ward available for any animals admitted that could possibly have a contagious disease that may spread easily. This unit has a separate ventilation system and staff follow stringent protocols when treating these animals to eliminate the risk of infection spreading.

A nurse is responsible for each ward every day, ensuring that patients are medicated, pain scored and walked regularly. Although one nurse is responsible for each ward the entire team ensures that each animal receives the appropriate veterinary care and love they need daily.