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overnight careAt The Barn Animal Hospital, we provide 24-hour inpatient care if required. Your vet may decide after a clinical assessment that it is in your pet’s best interests to remain in the clinic overnight to benefit from on-going treatment such as fluid therapy, intravenous medication and nursing care.

A nurse is present on site 24 hours a day, and a duty vet is also responsible for patients overnight. Your pet is routinely checked, medicated and dogs are walked throughout the night. The degree and frequency of monitoring will be dictated by the care plan created specifically for your animal by the admitting vet. Your pet’s care will be handed over to the duty vet and nurse in the evening and they will continue care for your pet overnight.

A ward round is scheduled each morning. Vets and nurses will communicate on the condition and progress of your pet and discuss a treatment plan for each inpatient. The morning vet will give you a brief update on how your pet has responded to our care overnight, and then the treating vet will contact you with further details later in the day.