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Puppy parties

Most weeks we offer owners with new puppies an opportunity to join with other owners and their puppies of a similar age at an informal meeting at The Barn Animal Hospital. These are fun but informative evenings that encourage good socialization in young puppies which brings benefits all through their lives.

The puppy parties are organized and run by Toni, a senior veterinary nurse with a special interest in puppy early development. The classes are run on Thursday evening at 8pm and a course of 4 classes can be booked at a modest cost. If interested please ask at Reception for details and to reserve your puppy a place on this very popular course. 

Places are limited so if you find you cannot attend after booking please let us know so that we can give your space to someone else. Even if you cannot attend at the last minute we would still appreciate a call because it will save us waiting for you to start. Thanks for your co-operation!




Puppy party
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