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We would love to hear about your special pet story. It could be about an operation your pet has had or care given by our staff, a new puppy you want to tell us about or a special friend who's life has come to an end.

You choose and we will share the stories with all visitors to our new web site. Simply add some text and upload a photograph and once we've checked it over we will upload your article. We hope you will enjoy contributing to this section and sharing in others important news.

Tell us about your pet story!

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A Vet for Life

We're brother and sister and have been seeing Maria at the Barn for the last 12 years. She has looked after us through cystitis and rodent ulcers, unexpected weight loss and our annual boosters.

We are treated with love, care and attention as is our little brother Benson (8). Our new additions Vanellope and Archie will soon be under the care of The Barn as the service is second to none xx

My Hero

Winston is my Hero dog. He puts up a great big bark if any strangers come by but he's a big softie really.
His claim to fame is that's he has given 3 pints of blood to patients at TheBarn, in exchange he gets an extra large supper and a juicy bone.

Myrtle on Reception
Myrtle on Reception

Oh no not another dog coming in,
Give me a nice plump mouse!

Practice cat

Hi, my name is Myrtle and I've been living with the lovely staff at the Barn for about 8 weeks now following a little mishap. I'm not quite sure what happened but when I arrived at the Barn I couldn't use my back legs and I was not a very happy cat.
Fortunately for me Mr Krasno and his nurses took a liking to me and perservered with treatment, physio and loving care and now my legs are back to full working order and I'm loving my new home.
I'm here to stay now so look forward to meeting all our lovely clients, see you soon

Myrtle X

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