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Below are all our newsletters for the current year available as PDF files.

Reducing cat stress

To try to help reduce the stress for cats visiting the clinic we are trialling cat only clinics on Monday and Thursday afternoons between 1 and 1.30pm.

Of course sometimes dog emergencies may crop up during this time, but where possible we will avoid any dogs coming into the practice for routine appointments.

We are also trialling separate waiting areas the rest of the time, please check out the signs in reception to see which area to wait in. 

We hope that these actions will reduce the stress for cats of curious dogs sniffing their baskets or barking at them!

If you would like a cat only appointment please let the nurse know when booking your appointment.

If you have any feedback about these initiatives let us know on, or mention it to your vet or vet nurse.


Yumove special offer

Yumove special offer 15% discount on Yumove 120 Dog and Yumove Cat.
Please ask at reception for details.

Rabbit Special Offer

Responsible rabbit owners have always protected their rabbits against myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD), but now regrettably there is a new threat identified for the health of rabbits, a variant strain of VHD, VHD2.

VHD2 is a health risk for outdoor rabbits and indoor rabbits as the infection is highly contagious and can be spread on shoes, clothes and pet fur.

We have a vaccine available against VHD2 which can be done 2 weeks apart from the normal VHD vaccine, and protects your rabbit for 6 months.

SPECIAL OFFER until 30th September 2017, VHD2 vaccinations for £25.

Ask at reception for more details about VHD2 and our special offer.

Saturday Opening Hours

Please note that we are closed for lunch on Saturdays from 1 - 2 pm. In the event of an emergency please telephone us on 01256 329522 for instructions.

Thank you.

Repeat Prescriptions

We would politely request that clients give us at least 24 hours notice for collecting repeat prescriptions. If you telephone or call in with your request, please allow at least 24 hours before coming back to collect the medication.

24 hours noice will also mean you will not have to wait for your prescription to be made up, we will have it ready and waiting for you to collect.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

New Web Site

As you see we have had a full Web site redesign by Thirstdesign.  We hope you find it interesting and informative.

Please let us have any feedback on the topics covered.

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